About our HEALTHline

HEALTHline is a total collection of functional apparel for all staff and patients at the hospitals. HEALTHline includes a full range of hospital apparel, such as bed linen, gowns, and operating theatre coverings.


High-quality products in every aspect

White staff apparel
Bed linen, sheets, and drawsheets
Operating gowns and coverings
Coloured staff apparel
and operating suits
T-shirts, polos, shirts, stockings,
Patient apparel



The TEXguard range for operating theatres is based on 10 years of know-how from our cooperation with customers and suppliers as well as experience from Danish and European standardisation groups, such as CEN/TC205/WG14.

That means that our complete range of suits, operating gowns, and patient coverings meets future limit values for standards and high-risk barriers, which will be defined in the prEN13795 standard range.

The right product
We always endeavour to provide the right product – a product that meets the needs and requirements for features and offers effortless maintenance through a long lifespan. Therefore, we are deeply involved in every product stage at the workplaces and in the laundries.
Environment and quality assurance
Our comprehensive product portfolio requires that we have a close cooperation with all our suppliers in Europe and the Far East. We determinedly and consistently control the quality of all end products, and we maintain a continuous dialogue on an acceptable environmental policy.