Borch Textile Group – a leading Scandinavian company

Borch Textile Group A/S is a family-owned business, and since 1948 we have developed, sewed, and sold a wide portfolio of special textiles for the most hygiene-requiring industries. Garments, bed linen, sheets, towels, cloths etc. that withstand daily wear and tear and meet the users’ requirements for functionality and design. We always endeavour to offer our customers the best quality, service, and price. Moreover, security of supply is one of our core commitments; and by gathering all forces in one group, Borch Textile Group will also be able to take the position as one of the leading total suppliers in the future.


To be Scandinavia’s leading supplier of textiles for regions, municipalities, laundries, and other professional users.

We develop and sell workwear that meets the customers’ needs and provides the user with a total experience of quality, flexibility, and innovation.

We must make an active effort to reduce our climate impact, and we do our very best to improve our circular economy. In addition, we are committed to increase the end users’ awareness of consumer behaviour.

We must keep abreast of the market and continuously drive the development of textile products for the benefit of the users and our planet.


Our organisational chart


Borch Textile Group – a complete range of textile products

More than 50 years of experience with a complete range of high-quality textile products gathered in one place. That was the target – and the result – when the well-reputed textile companies Kay Borch A/S, Kabotex ApS, and Scanco-Textil ApS were merged into Borch Textile Group A/S. The new group is still completely family-owned, we still hold on to our long-standing, close, and professional relationships with our customers and suppliers; and we are forward-looking as well. From our headquarters in Slagelse, we can place our production at locations with free capacity at any time, either at our own sewing room in Poland or at qualified factories in Eastern Europe or the Far East. Thus, we are always able to meet our delivery agreements. At Borch Textile Group A/S we take pride in meeting all requirements from our purchasers, users, and laundries.