About our CLEANline

With CLEANline, your staff will meet the strict hygiene requirements within the food, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries as well as all types of laboratories. Together with our customers, we adapt apparel to every function. In practice, this includes e.g. incorporation of fluid barriers and particle filtration as needed.


High-quality products in every aspect

Gowns, smocks, jackets,
and trousers
T-shirts, polos, stockings,
Thermal underwear
One-piece suits, gowns, jackets,
and trousers of special textiles
Dishcloths, tea towels, etc.
The right product

We always endeavour to provide the right product – a product that meets the needs and requirements for features and offers effortless maintenance through a long lifespan. Therefore, we are deeply involved in every product stage at the workplaces and in the laundries.

Environment and quality assurance
Our comprehensive product portfolio requires that we have a close cooperation with all our suppliers in Europe and the Far East. We determinedly and consistently control the quality of all end products, and we maintain a continuous dialogue on an acceptable environmental policy.